Maui Steel Guitar Camp

Gallery: 2015 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp

This gallery contains photos from the 2015 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp held on April 22-23, 2015.

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  • The enthusiastic campers.
  • Greg Sardinha assists some campers with steel guitar basics.
  • Campers trying their hand at the assigned music.
  • Campers Jim Newberry, Larry Holu, Warren Barnes, and Troy Brenningmeyer.
  • The group is trying the assigned piece. Greg Sardinha played backup guitar.
  • Alan Akaka shows Jim Newberry how to adjust his amplifier for the sweet sound.
  • Campers Eriko Ukita, Roberta Vogel, and Jim Newberry.
  • Campers Roberta Vogel, Jim Newberry, Warren Barnes, and Larry Holu.
  • Campers Leslie and Kalehua Granat, Cindee Burkitt, and Elaine Olson.
  • John Reuter, Leslie Granat, Kalehua Granat, Cindee Burkitt.
  • Bill Rosen, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, Greg Sardinha.
  • Warren Barnes and Troy Brenningmeyer.
  • Eriko Ukita.
  • Larry Holu, Warren Barnes and Troy Brenningmeyer.
  • Jim Newberry and Larry Holu.
  • John Vogel, Roberta Vogel and Jack Aldrich.
  • Cindee Burkitt, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, and Kalena Foster.
  • Elaine Olson, Cindee Burkitt, and Kalena Foster.
  • John Reuter, Dennis Singer, Leslie Granat, Kalehua Granat, Ron Carter, Elaine Olson.
  • Leslie and Kalehua Granat.
  • Bill Rosen and Ron Carter.
  • The 2015 Graduating Class. Front Row: Eriko Ukita, Roberta Vogel, Leslie Granat, Cindee Burkitt, Elaine Olson. Middle Row: Instructor Alan Akaka, Larry Holu, John Vogel, Jack Aldrich, Ron Carter, Bill Rosen, Dennis Singer, Instructor Greg Sardinha. Back Row: Camp Coordinator Addison Ching, Kalena Foster, Jim Newberry, Warren Barnes, Troy Brenningmeyer, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, John Reuter, Kalehua Granat.

Please enjoy these photos for your personal use. There may be a slight pause as picture slideshows load. Photography courtesy of Addison Ching and Alan Akaka. All photos ©2015 by HIMELE.

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